Kamis, 21 April 2011

Kyuhyun's car was hit by a truck.

News : Kyuhyun's car was hit by a truck

The incident took place on Friday (04/08/2011) at 5 am local time.At that Kyuhyun was driving his car toward the Gwangju Culture &Art Center Grand Theater, Korea to prepare for musical theater'Three Musketeers'.

A truck lost control and took the wrong path. Car driven by Kyuhyuna target. After the accident he was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital.

Chanter hits 'Bonamana' suffered bruises on both hands and feet.According to the diagnosis, Kyuhyun did not suffer a fracture orserious injury. Thus was launched Koreaboo, Friday (4/8/2011).

But doctors recommend that Kyuhyun rest because he was still quiteshocked by the accident. Today, Friday (08/04/2011) he was forced to be absent from the show 'Three Musketeers'.

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